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Making my  own Website; How to make my own Website FREE
About me
Hello everybody,

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself shortly. I was born  in the Netherlands in 1948 near to the border with Belgium.  Just a few kilometers away from Antwerpen, the most prominent town of Flanders. I was the fifth child in a family with six childern and grew up in a village dominated by agriculture. Greens and animals were my best friends and still I am fascinating by the periodic changes of nature and the repeating of the seasons. I still keep wundering.

At school I was a good student and I got the opportunity to visit  a secondary school in the neighbouring town, Bergen op Zoom, about 10 kilometers away. This was at that time a great privilege because just 5 to 10 % of the youngsters got this opportunity. The year of birth sometimes is of great importance for a successful career. Again life was good to me and I got the opportunity even to visit a university thereafter.

At the age of 17 years I started my study in physics at the Technical  University of Delft; a beautiful small town under the smoke of Rotterdam. In the beginning I had some problems being devorced from home. Finally I mastered all the problems and got an excellent degree and another opportunity too.   

I got the opportunity to start a Ph D study in infrared physics for astronomy; very exciting and complicated too. At the same time I decided to buy a house -- a very old one - in the city of Delft without having a penny. I was house owner for HFl 30.000 and my parents didn't feel well after I informed them. However eight years later it turned out I made the right decision because I sold the same house for HFl 80.000. By the way this was not the result of a long calculus and expertice in real estate. No it was the result of a strong believe in a prosperous future.  

At that time - 1981 - I was already living in Erlangen in Germany because I joined a big company, a global player, in 1980. After presenting excellent results of my Ph D study in Berlin in 1980 I got three offers from Germany to join institutions and companies to continue my career in Germany. So I made to my opinion the best choice and joined Siemens to do R&D.

I was really passionated by the work I did contributing to science, new technologies and patent applications. I was guiding very many students from the universities during their Bachelours, Masters and Doctor studies thereby developing my skills in teaching and education. This chapter was closed after my retirement in 2008. During this period of my life I learned so many valuable skills - apart from science and technology - which are of great use to master common life.

After your retirement you can do what you like............ is what many people are saying. This is true ............if you have the money to do so!

My idea was to realize some of my  patents with students and to make new products out of it in order to generate some employment. After doing the calculus it comes out, that I need about 3,000€ per month for it. My bank told me that it is not a good idea to pick up a credit for it at an age of 60 years. "At what age, my dear Daalmans, do you want to pay your credit back?".

So I decided to earn the money myself by offering my advice to small businesses and founded "Daalmans Innovations Ltd" to do that. However this offer doesn't result in a continueous money current; sometimes there is......sometimes there is no money because I just can make one job at a time. Therefore I was looking for another source of money and found the internet as a possible source of income.

The internet has changed our lifes and it will do even more in the future; the internet is may be the greatest invention of the twentieth century. However it is not so simple to earn money from the internet as a lot of marketer in the "make money niche" are trying to believe you. Most of them are selling dreams who never come true. It took me two years and the discovery of Chris Farrell's site to understand this. From Chris I learned to develope skills first........... before trying to make money online.       

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