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How the Internet works
How the Internet works

The internet is an information transmission network, build up by powerful computer connected with each other by high speed and low loss cable. These powerful computer, which are activ 24 hours a day, are known as server. Each server contains a lot of information organized mainly in websites. Insider are speaking about the hosting of information on server by hosting companies.

The internet

Every website has his own address, called domain name
. This domain name is registered at an official registrar. It can be assured this way, that every address is unique. The registrar and the hosting company need not to be the same.

Electronic Post

The internet has two important functions
  • The internet is transmitting electronic post between user. Thereby a user is an owner of a PC with an electronic mail program (mail client) installed on it.
  • The internet is allowing user with an internet connection to load websites on their computer for viewing (browsing). This function concerns the World Wide Web


In modern websites both functions are associated with each other. So at least there is an email form integrated in the website. Moreover in internet marketing websites there is a cooperation with an automated email program; a so called autoresponder. The autoresponder is sending emails to user with a call for action. If the user reacts, the autoresponder is sending another email and is guiding the user to another page of the site. In this way a complete sales process or lead generation process can be performed completely automatic.  

The transport of information for the email service is quite interesting and complicated. If I am sending an email, my email program (mail client) will cut the information into small packages which are sent the one after the other to the mail receiving user. The message is coded in the time domain  as experts are saying. The route of each package to the receiving user can be different as is denoted in the figure above. The mail client of  the receiving user is collecting all packages putting them together in the right order again and the email message can be read by the receiving user.

If I want to use the world wide web (www),
  •  I need access to the world wide web provided by telephone companies
  • I need a special program, a so called browser, to be able to view other websites. 
Meanwhile several browsers can be used like Safari (Apple), Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and several others. All these programs are free. The browser is operating as follows
  • type in the address of the site or page you want to view in the search window of the browser
  • request the web to view the required site by applying the return tab 
  • if the site is available, the web will send you (loading) first the text information and thereafter the images.
  • The browser reconstructs the site from the text pieces and the images and viewing becomes possible. 
All interactions between visitors and website other than viewing are done by email.

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