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Internet Marketing for  Beginner
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Internet Marketing for Beginner

Hello everybody and very welcome to this site, which is devoted to the development of skills necessary for starting an internet business successfully. What you will find here are informations about questions like
  • how to make my own website
  • how to make my own website free
  • how does the internet works
  • how to find and use a free web editor
  • how to find images for your website
  • how to edit images for your website  
  • how to embed videos in your website 
  • how to make videos for your website
  • how to find an appropriate domain name 
  • how to find webspace 
  • how to upload your website to a hosting server
  • how to implement email
  • how to implement an autoresponder
  • and so on 
What you find here is what I have learned in the last three years applying internet marketing. This should help you to make progress faster as I did. If you have any questions feel free to contact me; I am not a computer but a human being and proud to inform you if I can.

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